Sunday, February 7, 2010

Oceans of Fantasy

Boney M

Oceans Of Fantasy lyrics
My world is filled with oceans
Oceans of fantasy
The never never land of emotions
Come down and follow me
You see the secret places
Where all the rivers end
And pirate ships of old
Filled with diamonds and with gold
Just waiting for a friend
All you can hear is the music of stillness
And pure harmony
Magical mirrors reflecting the light
That colors the sea
You'll be surrounded by angel like creatures
Who tend to your dreams
Deeper and deeper you fall in a trance
Much more real
Much more real than it seems
Come share with me the oceans
Oceans of fantasy
Where you can lose your soul forever
Like in a melody
Oceans of fantasy,Oceans of fantasy
Oceans of fantasy, Oceans of fantasy
My world is filled with oceans
Oceans of fantasy
The never never land of emotions
Come down and follow me

Oceans of Fantasy is the fourth studio album by Boney M. Released in September 1979, Oceans Of Fantasy became the second Boney M. album to top the UK charts and features hits "El Lute" based on Eleuterio Sánchez life, "I'm Born Again", "Bahama Mama" and "Gotta Go Home". The album had been preceded in the spring of 1979 by double A-side single "Hooray! Hooray! It's A Holi-Holiday" (based on American folksong Polly Wolly Doodle) / "Ribbons Of Blue", also one of the band's biggest hits. The A-side was surprisingly not included on Oceans Of Fantasy but the B-side was - if only in a heavily edited form. The original length of the track is 4:02 and songs like "Gotta Go Home" and "Bahama Mama" were also longer on 7" than on the actual album. Just like in the case of its predecessor Nightflight to Venus the original Hansa Records pressings of the album also included a range of different edits of certain tracks.
Several pressings also contained the wrong running order on cover & labels, incorrectly listing "El Lute" as the opening track on side 2, followed by "No More Chain Gang" and "Oceans Of Fantasy" - a very early and scarce pressing actually has this running order on vinyl. The same pressing also features "Let It All Be Music" and "Gotta Go Home" segued into a medley.
Oceans Of Fantasy also features a guest appearance by Eruption's lead singer Precious Wilson on "Let It All Be Music" as well as on the cover of Sam & Dave's "Hold On I'm Coming", which was also issued as Wilson's first solo single. The Argentinian pressing omitted "El Lute" in favour of "Hooray! Hooray! It's A Holi-Holiday".
The album was the only Boney M. album to feature a full track-by-track vocal credits list which only confirmed what had been a public secret since the very beginning - that only two of the four band members, Liz Mitchell and Marcia Barrett, actually sang on the Boney M. records, and that producer Frank Farian sang the characteristic deep male vocal as well as high falsetto vocals - he even duetted with himself on the track "Bye Bye Bluebird". Maizie Williams and Bobby Farrell didn't take any part in the studio sessions. The revelation didn't seem to harm the band's popularity that much at the time, but ten years later Farian was to be involved in a similar scandal with band Milli Vanilli, that time unfortunately with serious consequences for both the producer and the band.

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