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Jambo Bwana, Hakuna MatAta-From Vineeta Sastry

Boney M

Did you know that "safari" means "journey" in Swahili, one of the languages spoken in Kenya? This song is very well-known in Kenya and teaches you some Swahili. "Jambo. Habari gani?" means "Hello. How are you?"
Try to sing along and you can learn some Swahili!

Jambo, jambo bwana /
Hello, Hello Mister
Habari gani, mzuri sana /
How are you? Very well.
Tuimbe tucheze sote /
Let us sing, let us all dance
Kiswahili ni lugha ya Africa /
Kiswahili is the language of Africa

Leo tufurahi hakuna matata /
Today let us be happy -- there are no problems
Reggae babu kubwa hakuna matuta /
Reggae is the godfather -- there are no problems

Burudani sali -- hakuna matuta /
The rhythm is good -- there are no problems
Aah tucheze sote -- hakuna matuta /
Aah, let's all dance -- there are no problems

Kiswahili ndlo lugha yetu ya Africa /
Kiswahili is our African language
Upende usipende utapenda kwa hakika /
Like it or not, you must like it
Michael Jackson kaimba Kiswahili /
Michael Jackson sang in Kiswahili
Lionel Richie kamfuata ni wa pili /
Lionel Richie was another one
Mukae vivyo hivyi siku zote kwa amani /
You should keep up that spirit always in peace
Maisha Africa yatakua na thamani /
Life in Africa will be of value

Tuimbe tucheze tuseme Kiswahili /
Let us sing, let us dance, let us speak Swahili
Supu ya uyoga ni tamu kwell kwell /
Mushroom soup is really sweet

In 1982, the Kenyan hotel band Them Mushrooms released the song "Jambo Bwana" ("Hello Mister"). The song, written by band leader Teddy Kalanda Harrison in 1980, has become widely popular in Kenya and Tanzania. In 2001 the Safari Sound Band released the album Mambo Jambo, which featured the song (aka Jambo Jambo) as the title track. The song was also covered by numerous local artists and is heard throughout Kenya and Tanzania.
[edit]Jambo - Hakuna Matata (English)

"Jambo - Hakuna Matata
(No Problems)"

Single by Boney M.
Released July 1983

In 1983, German group Boney M. released "Jambo - Hakuna Matata". Liz Mitchell provided the song's lead vocals, backed by Reggie Tsiboe, Frank Farian, Cathy Bartney, Madeleine Davis, and Judy Cheeks. The single was intended to be included in the group's untitled seventh album, to be released in the fall of 1983. Due to a poor chart performance (#48 in the German charts), the single ultimately was not included in the album (which was completely reworked and not released until May 1984 as Ten Thousand Lightyears).
Many thanks to Putumayo World Music for permission to publish these lyrics.

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