Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Khuda Wahi Hai

Vocalist: Kavita Seth

Hindi Lyrics:

बदल रहा है जो शब् सहर मैं
खुदा वही है खुदा वही है
है जिसका जलवा नज़र नज़र मैं
खुदा वही है खुदा वही है

जो फूल खुशबू गुलाब मैं है
ज़मीन फलक आफताब मैं है
है जिसके रंगत शजर शजर मैं
खुदा वही है खुदा वही है

Urdu Lyrics:

بدل رہا ہے جو شب سہار میں
خدا وہی ہے
ہے جسکا جلوہ نظر نظر میں
خدا وہی ہے

جو پھول خوشبو گلاب میں ہے
زمین فلک آفتاب میں ہے
ہے جسکی رنگت شجر شجر میں
خدا وہی ہے خدا وہی ہے


badal raha hai jo shab sehar maen
khuda wahi hai khuda wahi hai
hai jiska jalwa nazar nazar maen
khuda wahi hai khuda wahi hai

jo phool khushboo gulab maen hai
zameen falak aaftaab maen hai
hai jiski rangat shajar shajar maen
khuda wahi hai khuda wahi hai


that which is changing from nite to morning
that is God, that is God
whose charisma we see in every sight
that is God, that is God

that which is in a flower, in fragrance, in a rose
that which is in the earth, the sky and the sun
whose colour colours the trees
that is God, that is God!

Kavita Seth (born 1970) is an Indian singer, who is most known as a playback Singer in Hindi cinema, as well as a performer of Ghazals and Sufi music, and has formed her musical group, Karwaan Group, a band of Sufi musicians She won the Filmfare Award for Best Female Playback Singer in 2010 for her classical Sufi rendition "Gunja Sa Koi Iktara" for the film Wake Up Sid (2009)Born in Bareily, Uttar Pradesh where was and brought up and did her schooling as well as her graduation.She first started performing at the Khan-kahe Niyazia Dargah, in Bareilly, which soon lead singing in public shows and musical concerts.

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  1. Thank you! I was looking for the meaning of the song. Love it!