Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Bhooth Mothe- Ranjani Gayathri

Ranjani Gayathri

"Pandhariche Bhoot Mothe" The spirit(Vithoba) that lives in Pandhari is immense.
"AalyaGelya jhadapi Vaate" It posseses whosoever goes there
"Bahu khechrich Raana Bagh hey Veday hoy Mana||" It is dangerous forest and you will loose your mind.
"Thithe Jaavu nakaa konnee Gailay Nahi aalay Parathoni"||
Don't go there, because those who went there did not come back.
"Tuka Pandharisi gelaa Punha Janma Nahi Aalaa" Tuka(Tukaram)went to Pandhari and was releaed from birth and death cycle

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